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Thank you for your recent visits and comments!
This new pattern is now available on Ravelry, with an introductory discount.

Some recent walks:

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A new Pattern knit with Renaissance Dyeing lace weight yarn:
Rainbow Jasper


It’s been stormy:

The sky recently:

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A new piece of knitting with short rows, stacked stitches and stranding in Jamiesons Spindrift:

Some photos from Kerry, the wayside flowers are abundant in August, the tree ferns are at Dereen House and Gardens:

Some photos from Dublin:

Lady Evelyn Farquhar, painted by Sir John Lavery in 1906 (Sotheby’s):

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some photos from markets, museums, etc. in Montpellier, Marseilles, Aix, and surrounding areas:
France 31

France 03

France 01

France 04

France 06

France 07

France 05

France 08

France 09

France 10

France 11

France 12

France 14

France 02

France 15

France 16

France 25

France 17

France 18

France 19

France 20

France 21

France 22

France 24

France 23

France 26

France 27

France 28

France 29

France 30

France 32

France 33

France 36

France 35

France 34

France 37

France 38

France 39

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Congratulations to Daisy and Bente for guessing correctly!

Faroese landscapes:

Faroe 14

Faroe 21

Faroe 13

Faroe 9

Faroe 7

Faroe 18

Faroe 25

Faroe 16

Sheep, wool, knitting:

Faroe 17

Faroe 34

Faroe 35

Faroe 20

Faroe 27

Faroe 4

Faroe 3

Faroe 6

Faroe 12

Faroe 28

Harbours, boatsheds, fishing:

Faroe 11

Faroe 10

Faroe 15

Faroe 8

Faroe 5

Faroe 2

Faroe 1

Faroe 22

Faroe 26

Faroe 19

Faroe 29

Faroe 30

a boatmaker:

Faroe 31

tunnels under the sea:

Faroe 23


Faroe 32

saving the hay:

Faroe 33

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The Irish Lace Museum also has a shop crammed with costumes, bonnets, doilies and shawls – two pieces of knitting stood out – a very fine shetland triangle knit in ultra-gossamer yarn that felt like a mixture of wool and silk (unfortunately very difficult to get a good photograph):

shetland shawl
the border of the shawl:
shetland shawl 2

A starched doily in a fascinating pattern which turns up on Ravelry under different names:

large doily
sheelin museum
near the museum, Florence Court House, is open to the public.
the Chrysler, 1925:
florence court chrysler 1925
a favourite dog:
florence court dog

servants’ quarters:
florence court broom

florence court wall

a spectacular Japanese Maple in the grounds:
red japanese maple

red japanese maple2

red japanese maple3

red japanese maple4

red japanese maple5
florence court walled garden

progress on sari:
sari 3
web in a window that needs to be washed:
window web

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Greek costumes

another selection of interesting details from the national history museum, Athens:

national history museum athens25
national history museum athens14

national history museum athens15

national history museum athens16

national history museum athens17

national history museum athens18

national history museum athens19

national history museum athens20

national history museum athens21

national history museum athens22

national history museum athens23

national history museum athens24

national history museum athens26

national history museum athens27

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National History Museum – military and regional costumes:
national history museum athens01

national history museum athens02

national history museum athens04

national history museum athens05

national history museum athens06

national history museum athens10

national history museum athens11

national history museum athens12

national history museum athens13

national history museum athens07

national history museum athens08

national history museum athens09

athens graffiti

athens alley cat


athens changing of the guard

athens graffiti 2
National Archaeological Museum:
national archaeological museum athens07

national archaeological museum athens04

national archaeological museum athens01

national archaeological museum athens03

national archaeological museum athens05

national archaeological museum athens06

national archaeological museum athens02

national archaeological museum athens08
Byzantine Museum:
athens byzantine museum01

athens byzantine museum02

athens march01

athens march 02

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sifnos boat

sifnos church 01

sifnos church 02

sifnos church 03

sifnos church 04

sifnos church 05

sifnos flower 01

sifnos knitting

sifnos museum 01

sifnos museum 02

sifnos museum 03

sifnos night time

sifnos port 01

sifnos port 02

sifnos pottery 01

sifnos pottery 02

sifnos pottery 03

sifnos pottery 04

sifnos pottery 05

sifnos pottery 06

sifnos sea 01

sifnos sea 02

sifnos shadow 01

sifnos shadow 02

sifnos shadow 03

sifnos shadow 04

sifnos sign 01

sifnos tamarisks

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