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Currently working with naturally dyed Merinos d’Arles from Renaissance Dyeing
and with Lang 6 ply:


lang 2

Dublin colours:

dublin door

dublin door 2

dublin rubbish

dublin door 3

dublin door 4

dublin red

dublin roses

phoenix park:
phoenix park sky
phoenix park deer
rain park

rainy park

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Innsbruck  16

festival in Innsbruck (I think the dancers are Serbian):
Innsbruck festival 14

Innsbruck festival 15
faces in the crowd:
Innsbruck festival, faces in the crowd

Insbruck wine glass

faces from Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 01

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 08

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 09

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 06

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 12

knitting, textiles and spinning wheels:
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 02

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 03

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 04

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 05

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 07

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 18

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 19

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 10

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 11
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 20

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 17
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 001

South Tyrolean folklore museum, Dietenheim, Brunico, Italy :

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 11

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 01

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 02

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 03

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 07

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 08

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 09

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 10

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 05

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 06

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 04

Sud Tirol, German-speaking Italy:
Sud Tirol 05

Sud Tirol

Sud Tirol 04
Sud Tirol 02

Sud Tirol 03

new pattern, Frangipani, photographed in Vitipeno/Sterzing, Sud Tirol:

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I’ve been away – some photos –
Munich Lenbachhaus 2

Munich Lenbachhaus 3
Munich Lenbachhaus
Munich Lensbachhaus 4

Munich chestnuts
Egypt Museum, Munich:
Munich Egypt Museum
Munich Egypt Museum 2

Museum of Five Continents:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 8
weaving from Myanmar:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 4
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 5
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 6
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 7

Munich Museum of 5 Continents 3
South America:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 2
Innsbruck royalty:
Innsbruck Hofkirche
Innsbruck Hofkirche 2
Innsbruck Hofkirche 3
Tyrolean folk museum:
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 2
knitting near Innsbruck:

Innsbruck crow

Innsbruck inn

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This is the variation of Echo Beach (with one dropped stitch instead of two), beautifully test knit by Teilzeitheldin with one skein of Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in the Uluru colourway.

When I was in Munich I was tempted to jump on a train to Pfaffenhofen to visit the Wollmeise shop, but it seems to have restricted opening hours.

Next is the first swatch for the pattern – the ktbl stitches looked funny when slanting to the right, so they needed to be twisted differently – and the single stitch between dropped stitches was too weak.

I bought a book.

It’s a small volume, full of fascinating old photos of knitters and fishermen, and charts for guernsey sweater stitch patterns – nothing too complex – inventiveness with knit and purl stitches and cables.

Finally, a trip to the Rhododendron Gardens above Howth Castle .

The yellow gorse looked spectacular against the sky and had a scent of coconut.

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This selection includes Bavarian knees from the Hofbräuhaus, a ceiling from the Villa Stuck, Austrian snow scenes, sketches for improved beaded borders (plus me doing the sketches), and a little wool shop in Salzburg. I didn’t find any lace weight yarn in Munich or Salzburg – except for something that’s a bit like Kidsilk Haze – I bought some in red. I also got some blue Indian glass beads at the Ethnographic Museum, like size 8 seed beads but very irregular.

The other highlight of the trip was the Münchner Stadtmuseum with temporary exhibitions of Herlinde Koebl and Roger Ballen.

Thanks for all the comments on the BSM – its official name is Black Swan Mantilla. I’ve decided to go ahead and publish the fringed version, even though it’s a complex project, and goes completely against my resolution to keep things simple! I will include an easier border option.

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Munich Ethnographic Museum

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I’m in Munich for a few days.

Here are some textiles and faces from the Neue Pinakothek and the Pinakothek der Moderne .

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