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Some pictures from a trip to Greece, including a new pattern called Kafenion, knit in Hedgehog Fibres Sock minis.
I’m having a free trunk show at The Constant Knitter Dublin, this Friday and Saturday 14th & 15th from 11am till 1pm both days. A selection of new and old patterns. All welcome!

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paros 03


church amorgos 2

paros 02

athens wall

paros 04


cat 02


al fresco

church amorgos

church and poppies amorgos

clouds and terraces

flowers amorgos



little flowers

mountain walk amorgos


walking, amorgos

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meow from Greece:
amorgos cat 02
amorgos cat 01

amorgos cat 12

amorgos cat 03
amorgos 09

amorgos 07

amorgos 02
amorgos 01
amorgos 03

amorgos 04

amorgos 08
amorgos 10

amorgos 11
Jamieson knitting:
knitting 01

knitting 02

knitting 03

amorgos cat 08

amorgos cat 06

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Greek costumes

another selection of interesting details from the national history museum, Athens:

national history museum athens25
national history museum athens14

national history museum athens15

national history museum athens16

national history museum athens17

national history museum athens18

national history museum athens19

national history museum athens20

national history museum athens21

national history museum athens22

national history museum athens23

national history museum athens24

national history museum athens26

national history museum athens27

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National History Museum – military and regional costumes:
national history museum athens01

national history museum athens02

national history museum athens04

national history museum athens05

national history museum athens06

national history museum athens10

national history museum athens11

national history museum athens12

national history museum athens13

national history museum athens07

national history museum athens08

national history museum athens09

athens graffiti

athens alley cat


athens changing of the guard

athens graffiti 2
National Archaeological Museum:
national archaeological museum athens07

national archaeological museum athens04

national archaeological museum athens01

national archaeological museum athens03

national archaeological museum athens05

national archaeological museum athens06

national archaeological museum athens02

national archaeological museum athens08
Byzantine Museum:
athens byzantine museum01

athens byzantine museum02

athens march01

athens march 02

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sifnos boat

sifnos church 01

sifnos church 02

sifnos church 03

sifnos church 04

sifnos church 05

sifnos flower 01

sifnos knitting

sifnos museum 01

sifnos museum 02

sifnos museum 03

sifnos night time

sifnos port 01

sifnos port 02

sifnos pottery 01

sifnos pottery 02

sifnos pottery 03

sifnos pottery 04

sifnos pottery 05

sifnos pottery 06

sifnos sea 01

sifnos sea 02

sifnos shadow 01

sifnos shadow 02

sifnos shadow 03

sifnos shadow 04

sifnos sign 01

sifnos tamarisks

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Some more images from the Athens museum:

Some knitting – not a lot – most of the textiles on display were embroidered or woven – and the knitting was difficult to photo in subdued lighting:

Some stunningly elaborate costumes:

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I’m back home now and here are some photos of the second island we visited. In the first you can just about see the town and church on top of the cliff (safe from pirate attack).

Folegandros is drier and rockier than Serifos, and the wild flowers were mostly yellow:

There were some poppies:

Some interesting doors and painted pavements in the narrow streets of the main town:

And more flowers and churches:

On the last day in Athens, I visited another section of the Folk Art Museum – where photography is permitted – here are some photographs of old photographs of carding, spinning and knitting:

There are lots more images to sort through – details of costumes, and some knitted items – I’ll post them next week.

I’m still working on the Mughal variant (approx 60%) and will be putting out a call for some test knitters soonish.
In fact I’ll probably need a lot of test knitting soon as there are lots of things in development – once I’m a bit more organised, I hope to set up a test knitting thread on the Ravelry Knitlab forum.

Cold Mountain is on the cover of the new Jimmy Beans catalogue of hand dyed yarns.

More flowers and Mini:

Trying to photograph a bee in Foxgloves:

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Serifos 3

Sunlight & shadows:




More flowers:

The port:

The windmills:


Moonlight before the Storm:

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