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BSM is finished – just need to double check the bead quantities, and fine tune the pdf –

I’m delighted that Seascape (below) is approaching 1,000 projects on Ravelry, and I’ve just started work on an interesting new version of it – details to follow…

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About Fleece

I started work on this pattern last July.

The first version was a succession of large scallops in different shades of Icelandic lace weight yarn (too boring) – then I switched to the zauberball yarn and tried a patchwork of scallops with different lace patterns (too busy, but might be resurrected in a different yarn).

Then I looked at an earlier swatch with zigzags and ragged edges that looked like a section of a millipede – and thought that the zauberball natural colours and the ragged edge would combine to look like a pelt – so I went with the pelt idea, and after a few repeats changed the three 1-5 st increases to one 3-15 st increase. The result was pleasing so I kept going, and wrote up the pattern with wild animal references – which on second thoughts seemed a bit aggressive – so it became Fleece, a protective outer layer.

Amy (the editor of Knitty) requested a Winter Wonderland look for the photo shoot, to which I responded that Dublin rarely gets snow, and never before Christmas. Then it snowed in November – (reportedly a combination of the North Atlantic Oscillation and melting sea ice north of Russia… global warming will probably make Winters colder here) – so there was a big panic to get the photos before the thaw – a very big thank you to Izzie and Marianne (and Poppy and Crystal) who were willing to brave the elements!

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I have a new pattern available free in the Winter edition of Knitty.

The yarn is Zauberball from Schoppel Wolle in Germany.

The model is Isabella Domville – the photos were taken in Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens in November.

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