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Mayo 2

old boats:
harbour Achill 06

harbour Achill 05

harbour Achill 03

harbour Achill 04

harbour Achill 01

Mayo boat

blacksod boat

mayo boat 2


achill lake

blacksod cattle

sheep on the road Achill

achill shed
some photos and exhibits from the Museum of Irish Life, Turlough Park:

Turlough Park Museum of Irish Life 01

Turlough Park Museum of Irish Life 06

Turlough Park Museum of Irish Life 05

Turlough Park Museum of Irish Life 04
Turlough Park Museum of Irish Life 07

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Congratulations to Daisy and Bente for guessing correctly!

Faroese landscapes:

Faroe 14

Faroe 21

Faroe 13

Faroe 9

Faroe 7

Faroe 18

Faroe 25

Faroe 16

Sheep, wool, knitting:

Faroe 17

Faroe 34

Faroe 35

Faroe 20

Faroe 27

Faroe 4

Faroe 3

Faroe 6

Faroe 12

Faroe 28

Harbours, boatsheds, fishing:

Faroe 11

Faroe 10

Faroe 15

Faroe 8

Faroe 5

Faroe 2

Faroe 1

Faroe 22

Faroe 26

Faroe 19

Faroe 29

Faroe 30

a boatmaker:

Faroe 31

tunnels under the sea:

Faroe 23


Faroe 32

saving the hay:

Faroe 33

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Lucerne’s racing green river and bridges:




Lake Lucerne:
Some costumes and textiles from museums:




Emmental weaver

Bern museum2

Bern museum
Klee museum:
Bern flags:
Bern flags

Zurich Madonna:
Zurich Madonna
Reunited with Mini:

mini phoenix park pond

mini phoenix park pond2

a green thought in a green shade

beach ripples

beach stone
Roses in a fountain:
roses in the fountain2

roses in the fountain

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Some pictures from the Sheep and Wool Centre in Leenane, Connemara.
The centre has lots of information on the history of sheep farming and the wool industry in the area, historical photos, demonstrations of spinning and weaving – and some displays of knitting and natural dyeing!
Leenane Sheep and Wool Centre 04

Leenane Sheep and Wool Centre 02

Leenane Sheep and Wool Centre 01

Leenane Sheep and Wool Centre 03

views from Leenane towards Killary Harbour and the sea:

Killary Harbour
tired mini
duck pond:
duck pond

duck pond 2
rainy garden with Japanese maples, camellia and katsura leaves:
spring garden

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York & Leeds

York Station 3
Old York 1
Old York 2
York 9
York 1
York 5
York Station 7
York 4
York 2
York 3
York Museum 2
York Museum 1
Gillygate Cakes York

Leeds – Victorian arcades:
Leeds Arcades 2
Leeds Arcades 1
Leeds Arcades 3
Leeds Art Gallery – very interesting, no photos allowed – some postcards:
Leeds Art Gallery postcard 1
Leeds Art Gallery postcard 2
Leeds Art Gallery tiles
Leeds Museum:
Leeds Museum 1
Leeds Museum 2
Leeds map
Leeds Station

current knitting in colorshift and Jamieson & Smith:
january knitting

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London calling


I went to London to see the Paul Klee exhibition, no photos allowed, here are some images from the exhibition guide:
klee 4
klee 1

klee 2

klee 3

shops, galleries, streets:
liberty of london

tate picasso2

tate picasso

british museum

buses, taxies


tate britain

tate britain chapman brothers

tate britain3


st martin in the fields

london shop window

london shop window2
london christmas market

current knitting in Jamieson and Smith jumper weight:

yak 1

yak 2

out and about with Mini, and the last of the leaves:

mini in leaves

leaf 2

swimming with swan

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Greek costumes

another selection of interesting details from the national history museum, Athens:

national history museum athens25
national history museum athens14

national history museum athens15

national history museum athens16

national history museum athens17

national history museum athens18

national history museum athens19

national history museum athens20

national history museum athens21

national history museum athens22

national history museum athens23

national history museum athens24

national history museum athens26

national history museum athens27

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