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Seals near Howth:

Killiney and Bray:

Pet shop:

Mount Stewart:

Mystery knit along:

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Thanks very much for your recent comments!!
Bloomsbury Swirl pattern is almost ready to publish:
A couple of trunk shows at the Constant Knitter:

Donnie having fun at the Pond

Autumn colours:

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A trip to Tullynally Castle, Co Westmeath to see tulips and magnolias:

an exhibition about parks:

phoenix park:

donnie dearest:

new pattern in Brooklyn Tweed Loft called weavers square:

photos taken at Ducketts Grove, Co Carlow:

yellow field in the distance:

current knitting – a new sample of Lotus Crescent in Jamieson spindrift:


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fresco crescent, coming soon!

yarn from Renaissance Dyeing:

donnie’s frisbee:

shadowy donnie:

donnie and friends:

chestnut crescent and flowering trees:

spooky tree:

phoenix park:

donnie and bark:

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going to the vet for vaccinations:
disappearing in the garden to nibble and gnaw:
donnie-proof fence:
helping out with new pattern in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn:

variation of new pattern in Lang yarn:
blurry and unblocked:
Autumn colours:




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sky 02

sea,ship, seal
shawl with stacked decreases:


red wall

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poppy and peony bud

peony in the rain 05

peony in the rain 06

peony in the rain 01

peony in the rain 02

peony in the rain 03

peony in the rain 04
bowl of beauty peony 01

bowl of beauty peony 03

farmleigh peony

farmleigh poppy and bee
rose 02

bee and sage flowers:
sage and bee

a new pattern with stacked decreases, the yarn is from West Yorkshire Spinners:

Agricultural show at Tullynally Castle, Co. Westmeath:
tullynally  fair

tullynally  flowers

tullynally  house

tullynally  poppy

tullynally  sheep 2
natural dyes:
tullynally dyestuffs

tullynally sheep

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Innsbruck  16

festival in Innsbruck (I think the dancers are Serbian):
Innsbruck festival 14

Innsbruck festival 15
faces in the crowd:
Innsbruck festival, faces in the crowd

Insbruck wine glass

faces from Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 01

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 08

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 09

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 06

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 12

knitting, textiles and spinning wheels:
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 02

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 03

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 04

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 05

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 07

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 18

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 19

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 10

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 11
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 20

Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 17
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 001

South Tyrolean folklore museum, Dietenheim, Brunico, Italy :

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 11

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 01

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 02

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 03

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 07

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 08

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 09

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 10

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 05

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 06

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum 04

Sud Tirol, German-speaking Italy:
Sud Tirol 05

Sud Tirol

Sud Tirol 04
Sud Tirol 02

Sud Tirol 03

new pattern, Frangipani, photographed in Vitipeno/Sterzing, Sud Tirol:

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I’ve been away – some photos –
Munich Lenbachhaus 2

Munich Lenbachhaus 3
Munich Lenbachhaus
Munich Lensbachhaus 4

Munich chestnuts
Egypt Museum, Munich:
Munich Egypt Museum
Munich Egypt Museum 2

Museum of Five Continents:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 8
weaving from Myanmar:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 4
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 5
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 6
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 7

Munich Museum of 5 Continents 3
South America:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 2
Innsbruck royalty:
Innsbruck Hofkirche
Innsbruck Hofkirche 2
Innsbruck Hofkirche 3
Tyrolean folk museum:
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 2
knitting near Innsbruck:

Innsbruck crow

Innsbruck inn

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