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Phoenix park:
phoenix park deer 2

phoenix park deer

phoenix park sunset 2

phoenix park sunset

Setting up workshop at the Constant Knitter last weekend (no plans for a dvd at the moment, I’m doing a pdf instead):


walk by the sea:
irish sea 2

irish sea 3

irish sea 1

irish sea 5

beach 1
mini beach 2
mini beach 1


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knit/lab workshop


I’ll be doing another workshop at the Constant Knitter in Dublin on Sunday 23 March.
It will be a relaxed introduction to the knitting techniques used in patterns like Sari and Ottoman – these patterns combine lace knitting, intarsia and stranding, with multiple colours per row:



The main focus of the afternoon will be on swatching.
Charts will be provided for swatches of varying complexity, from a stranded stripe/plaid with an easy eyelet border to more challenging pieces with intarsia motifs, corrugated ribbing, etc.
You can jump in at the deep end, or start with the simpler pieces and try out the more difficult ones in your own time.
The charts can be used for larger projects once you’re familiar with the techniques.

I’ll also have a selection of knit/lab swatches and finished pieces, and some visual material to discuss colour inspiration:

colour sources

Materials required:
Bring along needles and various quantities of yarn in your choice of colours.
Use of colours is up to you, and will depend on your own personal style – you can choose to swatch with a limited range of muted tones, or a riot of clashing shades – or anything in between!
Gauge is not critical when swatching, as the focus is more on techniques and colour.
My approach to knitting is quite experimental, embarking on a project without a fixed idea of the outcome – I encourage you to have a similar approach, mixing different colours and yarns, and being prepared to rip it out and try again!
Suggested basic needle/yarn combination: sock weight yarn on 3mm or 3.25mm needles (I prefer to use straight needles, but circulars can be used if you prefer).

Time: Sunday 23 March, 2-5pm

To book a place please contact Rosemary at the Constant Knitter

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teaching, etc.

knitlab colour workshop
Rosemary and her friends at the Constant Knitter in Francis Street, Dublin have been encouraging me to try some teaching – a couple of workshops are lined up.
The first (23 Feb) is full up, so there will be a second on the 23rd March.
The workshops will look at colour in knitting.
I’ll be showing a selection of knitlab swatches and talking about colour inspiration and techniques, and then there will be a knitting session to try out some of the techniques.

I noticed love2knitnpurl’s mesmerising Shetland Ruffles on Ravelry this morning:

love2knitnpurl's-Shetland-Ruffles copy

Still working on pdf, photos and web page details for the pleats scarf/wrap pattern:


The face of knitlab appears again –
the worried expression can be interpreted as “where’s that treat you promised??”

pleats model 3

pleats model 2

pleats model 1

water surface 1

water surface 3

water surface 2
Bushy Park duck
Winter sunset:
January sunset

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