Renaissance stripes

Thanks for your comments on this project!
I approached it as a once-in-a-lifetime experiment in stranded knitting with lace weight yarn, probably the most difficult project I’ve ever tackled!
It started out with lots of guesswork on yarn quantities per stripe, and uses 67 of the 75 25m skeins in the Renaissance Dyeing Main Range.
Edited to add – the pattern is available now,
and there’s a kit available from Renaissance Dyeing.
renaissance stripes 07

renaissance stripes 08

renaissance stripes 01

renaissance stripes 06

renaissance stripes 05

renaissance stripes 04

renaissance stripes 03
starting out:
left overs:

Mini enjoys the frosty mornings:


new project

This has been keeping me busy recently – 8 colours per row on 2mm needles with lace weight lambs wool from Renaissance Dyeing.
The colours are hand dyed with natural dyes, including indigo, madder and weld.
renaissance stripes 05

renaissance stripes 01

renaissance stripes 02

renaissance stripes 04

renaissance stripes 06

renaissance stripes 07

old photos

an exhibition in Dublin:

Bandon 1942:
Bandon Cloak 1942
Bantry 1930:
Bantry 1930

Aran Islands weaver:
Aran Islands weaver 1938

Galway shawls
Dublin 1939

Dublin 1930


National Gallery:
National Gallery London 07
National Gallery London 09
National Gallery London 06
National Gallery London 01
National Gallery London 02
National Gallery London 08
National Gallery London 03
National Gallery London 04
National Gallery 10

Victoria & Albert:
Victoria & Albert 01
Victoria & Albert 03
Victoria & Albert 02
British Museum:
British Museum 02
British Museum 03
British Museum 01
Tate Modern
Tate Modern 02
Tate Modern 01
Tate Modern 05
White Cube:
White Cube
Contemporary Sri Lankan Art:
Sri Lanka 01
Sri Lanka 03
Sri Lanka 02

London 06
London 08
London 02
London 01
London 04
London 05
London 07
London 03
London 12
London 11
London 09
London 10
China Town

Lotus Crescent

the second knit/lab mystery knit-along has concluded (Ravelry page):

this is how I blocked the crescent, click for bigger version:
blocking a crescent shawl phototutorial

a new swatch of Atlas in Jamieson and Smith, shown from different angles:

out and about with and without Mini:
sky 02

moon 04

moon 03
autumn leaf 03


avondale 02

autumn leaf 04

autumn tree 01

autumn leaf 02

sky 01
Dublin port 02

mini 01



Thanks everybody for your comments recently.
I love red, and have used a lot of it recently as I bought a cone of it from Jamieson & Smith a few years ago. The 4 corners crescent has used up the last of it – this pattern will be a test knit at some stage, as there are some issues to be sorted out.
The scarf in the last post is called Atlas and will be published soon, I’m going to do another swatch of it in a different colourway first.
Mini will do anything when she hears any of the following: “special treat for Mini”, “special for Mini”, or simply “spesh”.

Recently I was delighted to meet a group of American knitters travelling in Ireland with Amy Detjen – I worked with Amy on a Knitcircus pattern a few years ago. Here’s a collage from the day (click the image for a bigger version of the image):

Some new naturally dyed lambswool crewel yarn from Renaissance dyeing in France:

leaves & knitting

the cone of red yarn is almost finished:
cone of red jamieson & Smith
4 corners crescent
4 corners crescent 2
intarsia in the round experiment finished:


mini and leaf 2
mini and leaf 4


amazing leaf
is it edible?
mini and leaf


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