via Copenhagen

copenhagen 02


copenhagen courtyard 02

copenhagen courtyard 01

copenhagen 03

oil 01


copenhagen gallery 01

copenhagen gallery 02

copenhagen gallery 03

copenhagen gallery 04

copenhagen gallery 05

spot the knitting:

copenhagen gallery 07

copenhagen gallery 08

copenhagen gallery 09

copenhagen gallery 06

more knitting:

Danish national museum 07

Danish national museum 08

Danish national museum 09

Danish national museum 10

Danish national museum 01

Danish national museum 02

Danish national museum 03

Danish national museum 04

Danish national museum 05

Danish national museum 06

copenhagen museum 02

copenhagen museum 04

copenhagen museum 01

copenhagen museum 03

David collection copenhagen 02

David collection copenhagen 01

copenhagen street artist

Faroe Islands

Congratulations to Daisy and Bente for guessing correctly!

Faroese landscapes:

Faroe 14

Faroe 21

Faroe 13

Faroe 9

Faroe 7

Faroe 18

Faroe 25

Faroe 16

Sheep, wool, knitting:

Faroe 17

Faroe 34

Faroe 35

Faroe 20

Faroe 27

Faroe 4

Faroe 3

Faroe 6

Faroe 12

Faroe 28

Harbours, boatsheds, fishing:

Faroe 11

Faroe 10

Faroe 15

Faroe 8

Faroe 5

Faroe 2

Faroe 1

Faroe 22

Faroe 26

Faroe 19

Faroe 29

Faroe 30

a boatmaker:

Faroe 31

tunnels under the sea:

Faroe 23


Faroe 32

saving the hay:

Faroe 33

September colors

leaf 03

leaf 07

orchid 02

orchid 03

orchid 04


photos above from Dublin
guess where these ones are from:




town 2

landscape 2




Farmleigh flowers:

farmleigh dahlias 3

farmleigh dahlias 4

farmleigh dahlias 6

farmleigh dahlias 7
farmleigh dahlias 2

farmleigh dahlias 5

farmleigh dahlias 1


wicklow sheep

wicklow 3

wicklow 4

Mount Stewart, Co. Down:

mini mount stewart 2

mount stewart 5

mini mount stewart

mount stewart 4

mount stewart 6

mount stewart 7

mount stewart 8

mount stewart 9

mount stewart 10

mount stewart 12

mount stewart 14

mount stewart 11

mount stewart 2

mount stewart 1

mount stewart 15

more mini:

mini 1


a Dublin door:

ranelagh door 1

ranelagh door 2

ranelagh door 3

the mystery

knitting – the mystery crescent in Jamieson & Smith – I made 2 versions of it, did lots of swatching, and made many changes:
mystery crescent red 1

mystery crescent red 2

mystery crescent red 3
mystery crescent

mystery crescent sample

mystery crescent swatch

mystery crescent swatch2

mystery crescent swatch3

other knitting- still working on the intarsia in the round in colorshift:
intarsia in the round 2
intarsia in the round

more flowers -
Marlay Park:
marlay park 1

Altamont again:
altamont plant sales 4

altamont plant sales

leaf on plate

more from the depths of the Irish Sea:


mini 1
mini shows off her manicure:
mini's manicure

July colours

Thanks for recent comments!
I am knitting – still working on the intarsia-in-the-round pattern, and the mystery crescent

a trip to Mount Venus Nursery:
mount venus nursery 3

mount venus nursery 4
mount venus nursery 5

mount venus nursery 6

local colour

mount venus nursery 1

mount venus nursery 7

on the beach:
mini on the beach
mini on the beach 2

beach stone 2

beach stone
dublin rain

mini's pond


phoenix park swim:
mini phoenix pond

mini phoenix pond2

mini phoenix pond3
Duckett’s Grove, County Carlow:
duckett's grove county carlow 2

duckett's grove county carlow3

duckett's grove county carlow
duckett's grove county carlow4
field near duckett's grove county carlow
Huntington Castle:
huntington castle county carlow3
huntington castle county carlow2
huntington castle county carlow4

unusual Japanese Maple at Huntington:
japanese maple huntington

huntington castle county carlow
The peacock at Altamont looking for a picnic:
altamont peacock

Howth textures:
howth 4

howth 3

howth 1

howth 2
garden 2

garden 1
Moth in a flower:
geranium moth

geranium moth 2


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