I’ve been away – some photos –
Munich Lenbachhaus 2

Munich Lenbachhaus 3
Munich Lenbachhaus
Munich Lensbachhaus 4

Munich chestnuts
Egypt Museum:
Munich Egypt Museum
Munich Egypt Museum 2

Museum of Five Continents:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 8
weaving from Myanmar:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 4
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 5
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 6
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 7

Munich Museum of 5 Continents 3
South America:
Munich Museum of 5 Continents
Munich Museum of 5 Continents 2
Innsbruck royalty:
Innsbruck Hofkirche
Innsbruck Hofkirche 2
Innsbruck Hofkirche 3
Tyrolean folk museum:
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum
Innsbruck Tyrolean Folk Museum 2
knitting near Innsbruck:

Innsbruck crow

Innsbruck inn

Some excitement at my LYS:
Cat and Jim at the Constant Knitter

Designer Cat Bordhi, Jim Petkiewicz and a group of international knitters visited
The Constant Knitter last week, the first step on their tour of Dublin, Dingle and Galway.

Cat demonstrated her Moebius techniques, Rosemary and her friends provided tea and cakes, and I did a trunk show (click for more images).
KF at The Constant Knitter










Some Dublin colour:
cherry tree dublin3
cherry tree dublin2

cherry tree dublin

tree peony in the rain 2

tree peony

tulip dublin

Spring photos

altamont magnolia

altamont flowers

altamont robin

Altamont chicken

altamont duck

borris house

borris house 2

borris house 4
borris house 3
dublin magnolia

dublin doors

dublin doors 2

dublin river

dublin river 2

dublin park

dublin park 02

dublin park 03
dublin ceanothus
dublin tulips
dublin tulip
dublin museum
Limerick doors

limerick door

limerick flowers
wicklow walk 3

wicklow walk 2

wicklow walk

wicklow kilmacurragh flower

wicklow kilmacurragh flowers

wicklow kilmacurragh flower 02

wicklow kilmacurragh flowers 02

wicklow tulips

sheep in a field
wexford tintern abbey

wexford water

wexford shell

wexford magnolia

wexford hook head lighthouse

wexford waves

wexford old mill

wexford sea

wexford history

wexford garden

wexford loftus hall

wexford loftus hall 02


Thanks for all your comments about mini – each one is appreciated!
The house still feels empty without her.

Here are some newborn lambs, seen at Airfield House farm in South Dublin:
newborn lambs 01


newborn 02

I tried out some weaving at the monthly meeting of the Irish Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers at The Constant Knitter, Francis Street, Dublin:
Irish guild of spinners and weavers, constant knitter 02

Irish guild of spinners and weavers, constant knitter 03

I will be meeting famous knitter Cat Bordhi and friends at The Constant Knitter on May 9th at about 5:30pm – drop in if you’re in town! I recently did a trunk show there – this is a swatch of MagicWaves with Sari and Hibiscus:
trunk show at constant knitter

New pattern with sock yarn (I don’t knit socks) and stacked decreases:



rainy weather:
rain 03

rain 02

Rain 01

rain 04

rain 06

rain 05
sunny weather:
spring reflection


Sadly, we said good bye to our dashing little pack leader just before Easter.
We miss her.
happy mini

mini new year

mini shake
mini 01
pleats model 1

some photos

safavid in wicklow:


Avondale leaf:
magnolia leaf

mini behind leaf

mini behind leaf 02

safavid behind leaf 01

safavid behind leaf 02

stubble and Sugarloaf mountain:
field and mountain


St Patrick’s Cathedral:
st patrick's Cathedral

magnolia 02
shop windows (the first one is a large photo of Francis Bacon with one of his paintings in the background – in an auctioneer’s wondow):
window 01

window 02

window 03

Spring Colour

a Spring visit to Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens, County Wicklow:

mini's bonnet

kilmacurragh 03

kilmacurragh 06


rhododendron 02

kilmacurragh 01

kilmacurragh 02

a very busy bee:
kilmacurragh 04

kilmacurragh 05

starting a new lace project with left overs of sock yarn:
new project with left overs

Thomas Street, Dublin on a sunny day:
Thomas street dublin
at home:


shadows in Bray:
Mini shadows 01
Mini shadows 02

Mini shadows 03

Mini shadows 04

Phoenix Park:
mini in the park

phoenix park rabbit



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